Our Top Tips to Layer Your Necklaces Like a Pro

Layering is one of the biggest trends this season. Check out our Top Tips !

  • Vary the Lengths : The most important thing when wearing multiple necklaces is to vary the lengths. Try mixing shorter, finer chains with longer, thicker ones. You can also double the necklace with the same one but with a different colour and length.

Gaia choker-Dark Grey-£25, Lara Necklace-Grey & Black-£30, Crystal choker-Dark Grey-£30 amadoria.com
Crystal choker-Champagne-£30, Crystal Necklace-Champagne-£30 amadoria.com
  • Match or Mix the Material : For a more interesting combination mix necklaces with different materials as pearls, metal or tassels.

Gaia choker-Dark Grey-£25, Crystal Necklace-Dark Grey-£30, Small Pasha Necklace-Black-£15 amadoria.com


  • Layers of Colour : Match primary or complementary colours: pearls colour with tassels, chain colour with beads.

Jaffa Necklace-Blue Denim-£40, Crystal choker-Silver-£30, Small Pasha Necklace-Aqua/Cobalt-£15 amadoria.com


  • Space It Out : It is key to have the necklaces properly spaced.  If the necklaces are too close in length, the look will appear cluttered and instead of simple and layered. Make sure your pieces are spaced out evenly. Start with a piece around 16 inches, then work your way up to an 18-inch, 20-inch and even 22-inch.


Gaia choker-Gold -£25, Small Pasha Necklace-Neon Yellow/Neon Pink & Neon Orange-£15 amadoria.com

Our Advice ? Have Fun ! : Go for something unexpected, try blending pieces you have never worn together before. Layering necklaces is your chance to create a look that’s distinctly yours because no one else owns the same exact collection of jewellery. You are your own limit !

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