Clients Anglais

Nous adorons vos retours, alors voici quelques retours de nos clients Anglais:

"The jewellery from Amadoria is a necessary accessorise for me. I have been buying from the different collections for 10 years now. I always find a necklace or bracelet that is in adequation with my mood at a very reasonable price.

I enjoy the creativity, the versatility. They are the final touch for my every day style and enhance my look by adding vibrant colours when I need them or distinction for more formal parties. "        

Catherine G.


"I say, never leave home without it! Amadoria has great pieces at great prices and a wonderful quality. What more could a girl want? I keep going back for new things which are so easily combined with old ones. They are wearable for all occasions and any time of day and easily combined with any outfit or other accessory. Thanks Amadoria!" 

Marie-Jose C.


"Amadoria offers wonderful original colourful designed pieces, that I take a great pleasure to wear and offer! 

The delivery is quick and the staff so efficient and nice. A great discovery "

Laetitia A.


“My clients love the Amadoria necklaces for a number of reasons: they are contemporary and add a modern twist to any outfit; the colourful shiny beads and tassle add a great touch of co-ordination to so many outfits; and the price and quality is unbeatable.

I wear my necklaces (I have them in 6 colours!) most days and I get so many compliments. Thank you Amadoria for the wonderful range of jewellery that I love to wear, my clients love to wear and my friends and family love to receive as a gift.”


Anita Feron Clark (Styling and Image Consulant at Ferron Clark Style)


"A few years ago I had the privilege to witness AMADORIA's creation. Fascinated by its innovating skills, I have followed up the evolution of this enterprise and the constant endeavour of its owner to improve her Company. The result is a well deserved success.

At first, I used to admire her use of magnificent precious stones. She artistically mixed the chatoyant colours, turning them into sophisticated jewel sets or into simple but always elegant pendants or earrings. The result, always exquisite, granted you the privilege of wearing a unique piece created from your wishes.

AMADORIA has managed to evolve with time and the various demands of its clients. Now AMADORIA is offering modern, desirable and very original creations. The prices being quite reasonable, allow me the great joy of frequently buying myself a pretty bracelet or a long chain adorned with dainty pendants and colourful tassels. Those pieces are full of charm and allow us to travel a bit as they originate from far away lands. That is what makes them so original and exotic, an added attraction.

Those creations make ideal gifts for all sorts of occasion from Mother's Day to Birthdays not forgetting Christmas! As a matter of fact, I frequently offer them as gifts to my friends or members of my family who love them! I now so enjoy wearing them because I find that those pieces can mix very easily with all kind of cloths and become the indispensible accessory which adds the final elegant touch to my garment.

I wish AMADORIA's team all the well deserved success to continue and so bring much happiness to their clients!"

Marie P.